Physical Education


At Hickman Middle School, students are expected to dress out for physical education and meet the following expectations: 

1. Wear athletic shoes.

2. Wear designated physical education attire (black sweats may be worn during cold weather).

3. Wear Clean clothes.

4. Refrain from wearing hats, unsafe jewelry, and jeans. 

5. Label shorts—name in uppercase letters on the nameplate.

6. Label shirts—name in uppercase letters on the nameplate and/or back of the shirt. 

INSURANCE  Alternative school and athletic insurance information is available in the HMS office.  The school does not cover students.



1.  If a student has a note from a parent excusing him/her from PE on a given day due to illness, the student will    complete an alternative PE assignment as determined by the PE teacher.  For each day a student has an excuse note for PE, he/she will complete the alternative assignment.  The PE  teacher will determine when the assignment is due.

2.   A parent may write a note excusing a student from PE due to illness NO MORE THAN THREE TIMES PER TRIMESTER. Students will lose credit after three parent notes per trimester.  After three parent excuse notes, students  are required to have a doctor’s note to  excuse them  from PE.  

3.  Medical PE requires a note from a doctor specifying the limits to physical activity and the duration of the limits.

Group of Elementary boys smiling during recess