Student Council


What is a student council?

Student Council is a learning opportunity for young people in their own school  community.Student council develops commitments to citizenship, leadership, and human relationships.

⦁ involving students in meaningful, purposeful activities
⦁ leading individuals to develop a sense of responsibility
⦁ encouraging positive attitudes and continuous patterns of good citizenship


⦁ providing student with the tools and opportunity to speak to those in authority
⦁ providing coordination of school-sponsored student activitie
 promoting leadership among student body members
⦁ supporting students in solving school problems


⦁ helping to build relationships among faculty, administration, student body, and the community.
⦁ communicating activities, and other elements of school life through mass media to the entire school community

Student Activities


⦁ Student dress-up days- Wacky hair day, twins day, crazy croc & socks, etc.
⦁ Harvest Carnival
⦁ 6th grade Turkey Dinner
⦁ Flag Ceremonies
⦁ Best Attendance Rewards- monthly
⦁ Honor Roll trips
⦁ Student of the Month awards
⦁ Warrior pride awards
⦁ Wow Work
⦁ Field Day

⦁ Photos with Santa and visit
⦁Reward days for testing, honor roll, distinguished school, etc.
⦁Staff appreciation
⦁ Candy Grams
⦁  Birthdays
⦁ Fun Run
⦁ AR Fun day
⦁ Thanksgiving reunion luncheon for Hickman alumni
⦁ Spirit wear
⦁ Awareness for cancer- month long color campaign for awareness
⦁ Awareness for those in need- coat, canned good, socks, food drives
⦁ Rallies


Interested Middle school students have the opportunity to join and run for Student Council offices during the third trimester of the previous school year.   

Eligibility is based on the third trimester grades of the previous school year.  Eligibility will be evaluated at the  end of each trimester.  To remain on  student council, students must have NO suspensions for the school year.  If a student is suspended from school, he/she forfeits the privilege of being part of the student council. 

Contact Mrs. Choate (
Or Mrs. TAber (ltaber for more information.