Camp Sealab - Grade 7

More information regarding 2021-2022 Camp Sea Lab field trip is to be determined.

Thank you for your patience!

Camp Sea LaB Q&A:

Q: Are parents permitted to go to Camp SEA Lab? If so, what is the cost for parents to attend?
A:  TBD, information will go out regarding Covid protocol closer to the event.

Q:  Is there another 7th grade camp, or is this the only one?
A: This is the only outdoor education experience we presently have at Hickman.

Q: Where does the class stay? Is it in a hotel?
A: The students stay in dorms - one for the boys and one for the girls. You can check out photos of these at the website or at my website slideshow.

Q: Do the dinner ticket sales go to the cost of the camp as well, or do the kids have to help with the dinner to raise money for the camp?
A: All students attending the camp are expected to sell 10 tickets. They are encouraged to sell as many as they can, but 10 is the minimum. If students are having difficulty selling to families, friends and neighbors, there will be opportunities to sell tickets here on campus in the morning as parents drop off students. Whoever sells on campus will get credit for the sale. All students are expected to help at the dinner on the night of the Harvest Carnival. They will work in shifts, busing tables, pouring water and iced tea, and insuring diners have a great experience. They will have ample time to enjoy the carnival festivities as well as dinner. All ticket proceeds go to pay for camp for all students.

Q: While students cannot bring their cell phones, can they bring another type of camera, such as a disposable or a small digital?
​A: Yes, and please be sure to have your child's name on it.

Q:  If a student does not have a sleeping bag, can they just bring a blanket?
A: They would need to bring a full set of bedding - sheets and blanket. The mattresses just have the sewn on covers so they don't have sheets. Don't forget pillows. :)

Q: What days are Camp SEA Lab and at what time will the students be arriving back at school?
A: We will be leaving by 7:30 am on the 14th of October and will arrive back at Hickman on the 16th at approximately 4:00 pm.