School Transport

Bus Conduct/Rules

Section 14263 State Boare of Education regulations giverning pupil transportation states: Pupils transported in a school bus or in a school pupil activity bus shall be under the authority of, and responisble to, the driver of the bus, and the driver of the bus shall be held responisble for the orderly conduct of the pupils while they are on the bus or being escorted accross a street, highway, or road. Continued disorderly conduct or persistent refusal to submit to the authority of the driver shall be sufficent for a pupil to be denied transportation. A bus driver shall not require any pupil to leave the bus in-route between home and school or another destination.

Bus Rules and Regulations

The following rules have been established by the Hickman Community Charter District Board of Trustees. It is very important for each rider to be familiar with and to understand each rule. Please review the rules with you child.

1. Leave home in time ot allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at the bus stop before the bus arrives.
2. Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
3. Once seated on the bus, do not change seats without permission from the bus driver.
4.Sit upright and remain seated when the bus is in motion.
5. Windows are allowed only halfway down; head, arms, legs (body parts) are not to bein the window opening.
6. Aisle and back window areas are to be kept clear. (13CCR12163)
7. The bus is tobe kept clean and treated respectfully; food (including gum, candy, snacks, or seeds) and drinks are not to be eaten on the bus by any passengers. This includes both students and parents on field trips.
8. Do not tamper with or remove any equipment from the bus.
9. Refrain from talking loudly and making loud noises.
10. Headphones or devices that deminish the ability to hear the bus driver are not permitted.
11. Fighting on the bus will result in an automatic denial of bus priviledge for three (3) days and could result in a school suspension.
12. Follow the directions of the bus driver promptly and willingly without making negative or uncessesary comments.

If the student breaks the rules, the dirver may give him/her a citation, whihc must be signed by the principal and parent/guardian. A child may lose his/her bus riding priviledge for repeatedly breaking the rules.

Consequences for repeated offensives are:

1st Citation: Detention
2nd Citation: 2 day's loss of riding priviledges
3rd Citation: 1 week loss of riding priviledges
4th Citation: Appear at meeting with school district administration which may result in permanent loss of riding priviledges.